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Classes Now Enrolling for Winter Quarter 2020!!

Classes start January 6, 2020

Gain a Competitive Advantage!

  • 985,000 Estimated Competitive Professional Wrestlers Globally
  • 160,000 wrestlers competing in the United States
  • 825,000 wrestlers competing Internationally
  • 1,100 Licensed Professional Wrestlers in the State of Kentucky
  • 86% of the active WWE Roster Trained or has had affiliation at one time with Ohio Valley Wrestling and the Al Snow Wrestling Academy and School for Sports Entertainment
  • Only 1 State Accredited Trade School for Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment in the World

Enrollment is now open!

The Al Snow Wrestling Academy and School for Sports Entertainment focuses on an all encompassing approach to Wrestling and Sports Entertainment.

Students will learn:

  • In Ring Training
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Nutrition
  • Broadcast
  • Journalism
  • TV and Multi-Media Production
  • Creative Writing
  • Event Management
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Management and Online Sales
  • Business Management
  • Personal Financial Management and Investment Strategies
  • Personal Training Certification

Why is a Certification in Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment an essential tool for your success in your career in sport?

  • A Certification allows you to know that you are one of the most well prepared professionals in the industry.
  • A Certification will arm you with tools to succeed outside of the ring as well as inside of the ring. The chances of having a long lasting career behind the camera is a much better chance than you having one in front of it.
  • A Certification will allow you to have all of the tools to start your own promotion
  • A Certification will allow you to have all of the tools to pursue a career in Television broadcast and production

ASWA Combine, Draft & Placement

Performances will be judged on the proprietary Snow Scale™️

  1. ASWA produced the first ever formalized COMBINE for professional wrestling. Here, athletes will compete and be scored on the Snow Scale™️.
  2. Performances and scores utilized in the first-ever professional Sports DRAFT where many women have the same opportunity for the same job. All athletes have the same chance.
  3. The draft will determine your PLACEMENT, the chance for a scholarship and a timeline for professional career launch.
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Job Placement

Dear Combine Participants, We would like to thank all of you for participating in our first ever combine! We held our draft on Saturday, August 3, 2019. These are the individuals that were awarded scholarships:

Cedric Miller
Luke Scoular
Dan Jennings
Megan Doheny
Brittany Lauzon
Kristen Young
Morgan Hill
Christopher Hill
Dustin Ridings
Bon Farr
AJ Daniels
Lawrence Key
Andr’a Smith
Justin Smooth
Donovan Cecil
Grant Weber

Snow Scale™️

Smart Analytical Scoring
Proprietary Athletic Measurement System for Professional Wrestling

Snow Scale™️

Proprietary Athletic Measurement System 

ASWA Mission Statement

ASWA is an independent training and trade school facility serving the region, the nation and the world by educating talented, diverse students of many faiths, ages, nations and cultures and with respect for each individual’s intrinsic value and dignity. We educate our students through in-ring and all aspects of production and broadcast within which the students develop the moral, ethical and professional competencies for successful living, work, leadership and service to others. We achieve these goals in an educational environment committed to excellence, academic freedom, and authentic conversations not dominated by particular political or other narrow perspectives.

Here we seek to foster thoughtful informed consideration of serious ideas, values and issues – time-honored and contemporary, across a broad range of compelling concerns that are regional, national and international. By these means, Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy seeks to benefit the public interest, to help create the future and to further the art of physical storytelling, otherwise known as Pro-Wrestling/Sports Entertainment.