ASWA History

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Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy began in Lima, Ohio in 1990 by our founder, former WWE Superstar Al Snow. 
ASWA was established to continue the techniques and traditions of the art of professional wrestling. 
In a very short amount of time, the academy was attracting students from all over the world and turning out notable students such as Brian Heffron / The Blue Meanie,  former NWA world heavyweight champion and UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severen, ROH’s Truth Martini and many more. 
In 2004 in association with WWE Al Snow brought and integrated Al Snow’s philosophies and style of teaching and training into the WWE developmental territory of OVW. 
This lead to WWE superstars such as CM Punk, Ryback, The Miz, Beth Phoenix, Santino Morella, John Morrison, Bobby Lashley and many more. 
Al Snow and WWE would sever ties with OVW in 2009 but Al would come back in 2011 creating a developmental system for TNA/Impact Wrestling and reinstating the Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy once again in conjunction with OVW. This partnership spawned numerous TNA Stars such as Lei D Tapa, Rockstar Spud, Jesse Godderz and many more. As the partnership with TNA / OVW was drawing to a close Al Snow began a worldwide expansion of academies all across the U.K., Europe, the Middle East and South America.
This expansion continues to grow and is building a network of academies where a student may be able to get a plethora of experience and knowledge to truly prepare themselves for any opportunity that presents itself on a worldwide stage. This network of academies required a strong operational base and in 2018 Al Snow along with Chad Miller and Joe Reeves purchased OVW from founder and owner/operator Danny Davis. 
With this base and worldwide network, the trio created the Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy of Sports Entertainment and broadcasting. Keeping the same goal of continuing the techniques and traditions of the art of professional wrestling, along with all facets of sports entertainment and broadcasting. This ensuring a well-rounded performer, producer or writer. Who can more fully take advantage of all the possible opportunities that present themselves in Professional Wrestling, Sports Entertainment and Broadcasting.